Call It Fiction - Something I've Never Felt EP Review

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Call It Fiction - Something I've Never Felt EP Review

Post by thenoid on Mon Feb 14 2011, 02:36

Call It Fiction, a Pop Punk band based out of Ohio, are on the verge of releasing their newest EP "Something I've Never Felt" They've asked me to take a listen and share my thoughts on the upcoming EP. The following are not only my feelings, but mixed in are the ideas of my friends Mario from the xeasycorex blog.

One of the first things I notice is that this new EP just about picks up right where the older release "The Introduction" leaves off, however the song quality you hear on "Something I've Never Felt" goes above and beyond their debut release, something probably due in large part to maturity of songwriting. Call It Fiction are a great blend of Pop Punk / Power Pop with a few subtle touches of Hardcore sprinkled in. While the EP only lasts 20 minutes, it takes a few listens to really appreciate the effort put forward by the band.

After the first couple listens I realized how much I love it when a band gets their synth correctly mixed into their songs. They don't rely on the Synth to carry the song, but instead use it as a tool to enhance it. Their use of the synth is like finding a $20 in the pair of pants you washed last week, something you don't wait for everyday, but always makes the day better. Part of the charm of this EP is the overall production of it. The songs all came out really well, the artwork is well done, and altogether the 20 minute listening experience leaves me reminiscing to the days of early Drive Thru Records.

With as much as I have enjoyed Call It Fiction's upcoming EP, one flaw comes to mind. While thousands are worried that Pop Punk is dead, many more of us believe it to be in an entirely different situation. As much as I liked it, As good as it was, It is hard stand up above the masses of bands playing this style of music. Without too much deviation from the standard Pop Punk curve many may think Call It Fiction will be hard pressed to find fans. However I feel that might not be the case. With the predominantly Pop Punk base to their songs and with touches of Hardore mixed in, I feel that "Something I've Never Felt" will prove to be a very solid compliment to all those "Easycore" bands out there. Call It Fiction will make fans remember the Pop Punk basis which lead them into this Pop Punk / Hardcore phase and remind them of Simple, Loveable music once again.

REMEMBER "Something I've Never Felt" releases March 5th. Be on the lookout for it both digitally and physically.

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