Bombay - Writer's Block Review

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Bombay - Writer's Block Review

Post by thenoid on Fri May 06 2011, 20:11

Bombay, a Punk Band from Massachusetts are getting ready to release a new EP “Writer’s Block” on May 27th on Follow and Feel records, with a cassette release to be available shortly after on Audible Records.

“Writer’s Block” will be the third release from the band, which includes a Demo from 2009 and their 2010 EP “This and That”. “Writer’s Block” contains three tracks, two new and one redone song from their Demo. The EP starts off with the redone song “Cena” and fills your ears with music similar sounding to that of the band Daylight. While the second track starts slow it eventually picks up and leaves you feeling like you might be listening to a Title Fight 45rpm record played at a 33rpm speed, basically a Title Fight sound at a much slower pace. The third song comes and goes with more of the same from the first two, an unmistakable mix of Indie Punk and rough raw vocals.

Before you notice the third song ends concluding the EP. Just over 6 minutes and finished. You could listen again and still have the feeling that the band has much more to offer than just these three songs. Leaving me with the feeling that this release is put out, not so much as to serve as new material but to say, “Hey, here’s what we’re up to, we’ve got plenty more on the way”.

A quick Google search will show you 298 million results for “Things to do in 5 minutes”, but you know what? Fuck what Google thinks, next time you have a short break, give yourself an extra minute off (you deserve it) and throw on Bombay’s latest release “Writer’s Block”. Bombay offers up a six minute cathartic experience that will no doubt leave the listener wondering who or what the phrase “I don’t need you” means to themselves.

“Writer’s Block” is out May 27th as a CD/EP through Follow and Feel Records with Preorders currently up, and will be followed up as a Cassette release through Audible Records not long after.

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