Thieves - Give It Up

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Thieves - Give It Up

Post by thenoid on Mon May 16 2011, 20:37

Thieves are a Pop Punk band based out of Austin, Texas. People who follow the Easycore Blog should know these guys. The band had the site host their 4 Song Demo and also were privileged to have them do a song for their Xmas Compilation.

For those of you who don't know Thieves, you are about to hear of the best Pop Punk band that you have never heard of. Thieves are a fast paced, high energy band mixing Pop Punk with Easycore and infectious gang vocals. To give you an idea of Thieves, imagine if you will With The Punches meets Carridale. Thieves released their debut full length "Just Give It Up" May 13th through Vagabond Collective and I fully believe that this band will blow up after this release.

I have it on good authority that this band is already killing it in the Austin, Houston and San Antonio areas of Texas, and I doubt it will be long before that love spreads throughout the country. All throughout "Just Give It Up" Thieves blend traditional Pop Punk with the newer styling of Easycore, creating a musical mix guaranteed to appeal to anyone from fans of Three Cent Cinema and The Wonder Years to fans of Carousel Kings and Four Year Strong.

After working on this album for over a year, Thieves are finally seeing their persistence pay off. Instead of rushing the songs, the band has taken its time and really created something special in their album "Just Give It Up". The opening track "One Reckless Year" starts and within a few seconds I'm already banging along on my steering wheel. The second track gets your heart racing and your blood flowing, all the while leading into the third track. Any veteran listener to Thieves will instantly recognize the third track, "Second Star To The Right" is the first of all four of the band's redone demo songs to appear on the album. The band does a great job laying out their hard hitting new songs and peppering in a familiar older song every few tracks.

The middle of the album slows slightly but that just segues nicely into the end portion of the CD. "People Like You Are A Plague" is the obligatory "You ruined me, I hate you" song, and acts as the beginning of the end. The CD concludes with the song "All I Need". "All I Need" is the last of the reworked demo songs and coincidentally is the song that gives the album its name. If the energy level throughout the album was high, at this point it reaches its threshold. The only thing I could think about while "All I Need" was playing was being at a Thieves show trying to mosh my way up to a microphone and scream the words at the top of my lungs while fifty likeminded dudes pile on singing along.

All in all, Thieves new album "Just Give It Up" is the epitome of middle of summer, window down Pop Punk. High energy, fast paced, stuck in your head Pop Punk laced with crunchy guitars and gang vocals. What's not to like? Everyone at has been backing this band for well over a year now and it is easy to see why. Find a way to listen to this album, because I'm betting you will not hear any other non nationally known Pop Punk band release anything that comes close to the quality of what Thieves has created with their debut release "Just Give It Up".

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