Think Big! Changes EP Review

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Think Big! Changes EP Review

Post by thenoid on Thu Jun 02 2011, 02:23

Think Big! - Changes Review

There are a lot of big releases on the horizon, The Wonder Year, The Story So Far, Set Your Goals, and many more, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if this one totally snuck in under your radar. Think Big! from Poconos, Pennsylvania released their 3rd EP (By my count) on June 1st. Somehow I get the feeling that many of you are still scratching your head and saying “Who?”.

Think Big! are a relatively small, lesser known, Pop Punk / Punk band from Eastern Pennsylvania. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this band for a few years now and really appreciate the effort they put in on their EP “Changes”. If you’ve heard the band’s first Self Titled EP you would completely agree. In just a few years since their first release it is nearly impossible to tell that this is the same band. They play fast paced Punk songs, combined with a mix of gritty and clean vocals. I feel they would fit in perfectly on a playlist with bands like Last Call, Settle For Less and Our Life Story.

Earlier in the year the band released their single “Last Names Count” a song that reappears as the final track on this four song EP. My familiarity with the song easily made it my favorite of the release. It was the most familiar to me and one I could really relate to, a song that rejoices about the idea of not having to watch the same shitty reruns of 90’s sitcoms because you have the chance to hang out with people who give a shit about you. When I first heard this song I felt it would be by far the best on the EP, however after listening to the EP a few times I’m not sure anymore. The band does a great job keeping the intensity high throughout the duration of the EP and ends with my favorite track. To say the EP meets expectations is an understatement, in fact Think Big! go way above and beyond the call of duty with “Changes”.

I won’t say that Think Big! will instantly appear on your 2011 end of the year lists, however keep in mind they are a young band who has shown steady maturity and increased songwriting ability over the last two years. Think Big! should start to register as one of the front runners of the up and coming Pop Punk / Punk scene.

“Changes” is out today, June 1st and is available through the band’s Webstore or digitally (For only $1) from their Bandcamp Page

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