easycore recommendations

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easycore recommendations

Post by uppercut on Fri Mar 09 2012, 23:06

i used to be really into this type of stuff back when it was new, in like 2008-2009 but i've kinda fell out of the loop. i wanna make sure i'm not missing out on too many good bands.

i would say my favorite bands of this style are:

In Her Own Words (their EP is AMAZING)
Chunk, No Captain Chunk! (Something For Nothing = amazing album)
Can't Bear This Party (their 2010 full length, one of the best albums ever, should be more well known)
Fight Fair (Settle The Score EP and Broken EP, their full length is crap)
City Lights (their EP was sweet but their full length is sooo sooo good)

and 2 new up and coming bands i find to be really sweet are

For The Win (just released an EP)
Sail To North (from France, similar to Chunk, No Captain Chunk!, Can't Bear This Party... they're recording an album I believe)


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Re: easycore recommendations

Post by mario-182 on Sat Mar 17 2012, 08:52

Uppercut as in uppercut613 that used to post on the blog?

A lot of people ask for similar bands and you've already listed a few of the ones I usually recommend, but here are a few more:
Till We Drop, United We Fall, Founding Neverland, Avendale, Carousel Kings, Atlantic Aftermath, The Directive, I Know The Struggle, Kid Liberty, Radio Feelings, Ready Set Low/Decade, The Vegas Wake Up, The Year's Best, Acting Like Heroes, and One More Go. Some are heavier than others but they're all pretty similar. You'll find all of them on site

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