OLD GHOSTS caskets LP Pre Order on NOW!, x DEAD HEARTS

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OLD GHOSTS caskets LP Pre Order on NOW!, x DEAD HEARTS

Post by Dave of Mind on Thu May 03 2012, 01:05

OLD GHOSTS caskets LP Pre Order up Now!!!
"Caskets" is the debut LP from OLD GHOSTS, a hardcore band from Buffalo, NY containing 3 former members of DEAD HEARTS- and it shows; with passionately screamed vocals, hard breakdowns and sublime melodies, “Caskets” covers a lot of ground in its 22 minute play time. If you've liked DEAD HEARTS "Bitter Verses" LP, the territory will be familiar however; OLD GHOSTS isn't just more of the same, with a sound that is darker and harder and with lyrics that range from the deeply personal to questioning the concepts of god and faith. "Caskets" is an LP that is larger than the sum of its parts; creating an almost palpable aura of rage and despair and pulling the listener in with dark and haunting soundscapes. In short, “Caskets” is shitbirdly powerful and well-played modern hardcore that picks up where Dead Hearts have left off. This is a split release between Assault Rec (Europe) and STATE OF MIND RECORDINGS (USA)
Each has a exclusive pre order color.

2 lucky winners will win a test press copy from STATE OF MIND and 2 from Assault Records

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