With Honors - A Great Place To Start EP

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With Honors - A Great Place To Start EP

Post by mario-182 on Sun Jun 20 2010, 10:20

So Anthony pointed out these dude's new EP in the AP Free Music Friday thread (http://xeasycorex.forummotion.com/free-downloads-f8/free-music-friday-at-apnet-t94.htm#1495), but when downloading, I noticed that the tracks had no tags, were individually uploaded, 2 tracks were incorrectly named, with no artwork in sight
I took the liberty of tagging them correctly, all artworked up, and archived, so enjoy fuckers

1. Blackout!
2. Just My Luck
3. Shipwreck
4. Say It Ain't Summer

19 MB @ 192 kbps
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Re: With Honors - A Great Place To Start EP

Post by poppunkanonymous on Sun Jun 20 2010, 21:56

Dope! the artwork is saweeeet!

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