Anchor Eighty Four: Volume 2

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Anchor Eighty Four: Volume 2

Post by thenoid on Sat Jul 10 2010, 02:53

Anchor Eighty Four records is giving out its second compilation free on their bandcamp:

1.Newamerica - Verona 04:05
2.Broadside - The Thrill 03:35
3.Paper Tigers - If I Cant Be Beautiful, Then Id Rather Be Invisible 03:15
4.Heart To Heart - One Right Stand 02:32
5.Handguns - Harbor Water 02:18
6.Second To Last - No Resolutions 02:47
7.A Shipwreck A Castaway - Its A Trap! 03:58
8.Stickup Kid - Sometimes, Kansas City 02:48
9.Kevin Geyer - Nearsighted 03:07

Not positive on all of these but the Heart To Heart track is from their upcoming EP, the A Shipwreck A Castaway song is new as well.

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