Our Life Story - I'd Rather Change Than Stay The Same EP Review

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Our Life Story - I'd Rather Change Than Stay The Same EP Review

Post by thenoid on Mon Apr 18 2011, 03:43

Our Life Story is a Pop Punk / Hardcore band out of Minnesota and have a new EP called “I’d Rather Change Than Stay The Same” coming out May 19th on Barrett Records.

The most pure and honest thing about this EP is the title. “I’d Rather Change Than Stay The Same” comes off as much more than just the title of their new CD. The band has previously released two other EPs and it shows that before the release of their latest, the band put their heads together to rethink their strategy. Because of their older releases the Band has been unjustly labeled strictly as an Easycore band, although since their first Demo EP they have been deviating from the genre at a steady pace. So if you grab this CD looking for breakdowns and two-steps don’t bother listening.

This CD is a five track offering aimed to please fans who are into listening to bands like, Handguns, Crucial Dudes, Maker, and Borderland. Our Life Story has produced 13 minutes of Pop Punk music laced with Hardcore and Melodic Hardcore influence. The songs are much faster, and much shorter than anything they’ve ever done before.

“I’d Rather Change Than Stay The Same” comes off as more of a mission than just a CD. This CD is not a one and done, and will surely find a rotation in your playlists if you are remotely into Fast, Melodic, Pop Punk. I was hard pressed to find anything I disliked about this EP. The only thing I couldn’t come to love about this new CD is that there was a track on the EP called “Clark St.” which was a slower, instrumental, interlude type track.

If I had to pick three words to sum up the Upcoming Release from Our Life Story I would use the words, Change, Growth, and Maturity. The band has clearly changed from what they used to be, grown into a new sound and without question, matured as a band and as songwriters. “I’d Rather Change Than Stay The Same” comes out on May 19th on Barrett Records and promises to be one of the best Pop Punk EPs to come out of any small independent label this spring.


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